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Patient care at Riverwest is multi-disciplinary. Specialists from various disciplines are involved in the planning and delivery of treatments. These specialists include board certified radiation oncologists, oncology certified registered nurses, board certified medical radiation physicists, certified medical dosimetrists and registered radiation therapists.

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A radiation oncologist is a physician who has received specialized training in radiation therapy to treat cancer. He or she will decide the most effective treatment for each patient. Because each person entering the center for treatment is a unique patient, the radiation oncologist, along with other specialists (such as medical oncologists etc.), must custom design a treatment plan for every patient.

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Medical radiation physicists and medical Dosimetrists assist physicians to calculate the appropriate dosage of radiation according to the doctor’s prescription. Radiation physicists maintain the accuracy of the center’s equipment to ensure that the proper amount of radiation is being produced and delivered during treatment. They also make sure that all of the treatment machinery/equipment is operating properly. Physicists work closely with the radiation oncologists, Dosimetrists, and other personnel in the treatment planning process. The medical dosimetrist is responsible for helping plan a patient’s treatment. Dosimetrists calculate radiation dosages prescribed by the radiation oncologist.

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The radiation oncology nursing staff is specifically trained in the needs of cancer patients and helps manage patient’s care. Working closely with the radiation oncologist throughout a patient’s treatment, they can answer questions and concerns that may arise. The nurses are always available to the patient’s and their families and are a good source of information.

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Radiation therapists are licensed and trained professionals to deliver radiation treatments and ensure that the radiation is given exactly as prescribed by the radiation oncologist. When a patient is called into the treatment area, the therapists properly align the area of treatment with the radiation beam and are in continuous communication with the patient during treatment.

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Riverwest’s front office personnel are available to assist in the patient’s care by scheduling appointments, gathering pertinent information for the patient’s record and maintaining the patient’s records. Their charming and friendly approach provides a warm, welcoming environment to our center.

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